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Application for 10 Day Entertainment Permit Applying for 10 Day Temporary Entertainment Work Permit

The 10-Day Temporarty Permit may be obtained for minors between 15 days and 16 years of age without the birth document or school verification normally required for 6-Month Entertainment Work Permit.

For a minor at least one month old, the permit will usually be issued immediately upon completion of the online application process, including payment of the $50 fee.

For a minor less than one month old, written medical certification is also required. A licensed physician board-certified in pediatrics must attest that the infant is at least 15 days old, was carried to full term, was of normal birth weight, and is physically capable of handling the stress of filmaking, as well as that the infant's lungs, eyes, heart, and immune system are sufficiently developed to withstand the potential risks.

When medical ceritfication is required, a permit will be issued within one business day following receipt and verification of the medical certification. The parent or guardian will be informed by email when the application has been approved.

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