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6-Month Entertainment Work Permit

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Ways to Apply or Renew

A parent or guardian of a minor needing a 6-month Entertainment Work Permit may submit an application in any of the following ways:
  • Online. If you have applied online before, sign in on the righ side of your screen. To apply online for the first time, create an account by clicking the "First Time User" button. Then proceed with the application process.
  • By Mail. Download and complete an Application for Permission to Work in Entertainment Industry. Be sure to print and sign your name on the first page. Then mail(or deliver) the original completed application, along with the required supporting documents and a self-addressed stamped envelope, to a Labor Commissioner's office. Applications may not be sent by fax.
  • In Person. The Van Nuys Entertainment Work Permit Unit, located at 6150 Van Nuys Blvd, Room 100, is available for walk-in application service from 9:00am to noon on Monday and Friday, and 9:00am to 4:00pm on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. This office may be reached at 818-901-5484.

Required Supporting Documents

For online applications, download watermarked forms from within your account. Only watermarked documents will be accepted for certification with online applications.

Under some circumstances, medical certification as described below may be required for children older than one month.

A Socail Security number is not required.

General Requirements

Non-School-Age Children

A first-time application for a minor of kindergarten age or younger must be accompanied by a photocopy of one of the the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Official letter from the hospital where the minor was born attesting to the birth date
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Passport

Please do not send original birth record documents.

Every application for an infant less than one month old must include written certification from a licensed physician board-certified in pediatrics attesting that the infant is at least 15 days old, was carried to full term, was of normal birth weight, and is physically capable of handling the stress of filmmaking, as well as that the infant's lungs, eyes, heart and immune system are sufficiently developed to withstand the potential risks.

School-Age Children

For a minor in grades 1 through 12, an authorized school official must certify that the minor's attendance, health, and scholastic records are satisfactory. In addition, the school or district seal or stamp must be affixed to the document. In place of a seal or stamp, a signed and dated piece of official letter head may be attached.

When school is in session, the certification must be completed and dated during the current session.

When school is not in session (e.g., during school breaks and holidays), an application may be accompanied instead by a copy of the minor's most recent report card or a letter from an authorized school official on official letter head attesting that the minor's attendance, health, and scholastic record are satisfactory.

Exceptional Circumstances:

  • If the minor attends a virtual school or charter school, written verification may be obtained from either the school or the authority that granted the school's charter.
  • If the minor is homeschooled, written verification must be obtained from the local school district, county office of education, or state board of education where the minor lives.

Protect your Child:

Labor Code section 1706 currently prohibits persons who are required to register as sex offenders from representing or providing specified services to artists or performers less than 18 years of age. Beginning July 1, 2013, any person who performs specified activities for minors in the entertainment industry must apply for and obtain a Child Performer Services permit from the Labor Commissioner's Office.
Read more about the Child Performer Services permit in the press release and CPS Regulations

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This Notice is effective January 2012, and subject to revision.
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