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Welcome to the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Entertainment Work Permit Site.

This online system is a convenient alternative to applying for an Entertainment Work Permit either in person or by mail. Minors aged 15 days up to 18 years who wish to be employed in the entertainment industry must have an Entertainment Work Permit issued by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. An Entertainment Work Permit is valid for 6 months and is renewable every 6 months while a minor is under 18 years old. There is no fee for this permit. In addition to completing an application, the parent or guardian must submit supporting documents which vary depending on the age of the minor. First time applications for children not yet attending school must be accompanied by a birth certificate or other acceptable proof of birth date. First time and renewal applications for school age children must be accompanied by an approval from the school on the form which will be provided after the application is completed. In addition, a medical certification is required for minors 15 days to one month old or as otherwise required.

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This portal is provided for use only by studio teachers, prospective employers, or authorized representatives of prospective employers who are seeking to verify the entertainment work permit of a minor employment applicant. The use of this automated service by any other individual, or for any other purpose, is an unauthorized use under the Penal Code. Individuals who misuse this portal, or the information obtained via this portal may be held civilly or criminally liable for their conduct, and punished by fine, imprisonment or both.

This Notice is effective January 2012, and subject to revision.
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