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To Fill out a new application or complete a renewal visit our Car Washing and Polishing Registration page

Car Washing and Polishing Registration Application Process
Please follow the steps below to obtain a Car Washing and Polishing Registration. You may want to review the
Information and Instructions Sheet  prior to starting the application process.
a) Create an online account. Click the "First time user" button to the right if this is your first time in the system.
Otherwise, sign in with your user name and password.
b) Complete the online application. Be sure to save your application if you do not complete it in one sitting.
You will be asked to upload copies of business documents while filling out your application. Please make sure
you have scanned copies of those documents to your computer so when prompted you can upload them.
c) Pay the fee online. There is a $250 registration fee and a $50 assessment fee for each location.
d) Submit the application online.
Please allow 45 days to process the application. The Labor Commissioner‘s Office will notify you of your
registration status. If you have questions or concerns regarding your Car Washing and Polishing Registration,
please contact us at
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Quick Links
In order to complete and submit your application for Car Washing & Polishing Registration you will need to download, print, fill out and upload forms to the system. Below we have provided links that allow you to download these documents in advance. Simply click the link of the form and save it to your computer. You can then open that document and print copies. You must read the directions for each form and follow those requirements. Once you have filled out the necessary forms you will need to scan that completed document to your computer and upload copies of them when prompted in this application.

Required Document Downloads

1) Adobe Acrobat Reader - Please install this program to view documents          Adobe Reader Install Link
2) Proof of tax filing & Payment IRS Form 8821- Required (Mail To IRS)           IRS Form 8821 Link
3) Car Washing & Polishing Bond - Required To Upload With Your Application   Bond Form Link
Other Documents that you may be asked to upload in order to complete your registration are:
A) Workers Compensation Insurance and Bond documents.
B) Copy of your Fictitious Business Name Statement
C) Copies of your FEIN and SEIN documents
D) Copy of your Statement Of Information
E) Copy of your endorsed Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Organization/Certificate of Limited Partnership
F) Copy of your business license
G) Copy of your Client Service Agreement if contracting with an employee leasing company
H) Copy of your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)